Friday, June 07, 2013

He's Having A Ball

It's been raining the past few days, which means the goats are staying in their stalls.  Louie our herd sire, being the growing boy that he is, seemed to be getting bored.  I decided to hang a horse ball in his stall. 

After a couple of days he managed to get it down, and proceeded to "have a ball".  Of course as soon as Brad took out the camera, Louie dropped the ball and tried to get the camera.  He is such a ham.

At the end of the second video, you can see Chloe our 1 and only Oberhasli and our herd queen.  She had been pulling on Brad's shirt while he was trying to video Louie. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Lasted All Day

Yesterday, Mother's Day, started out on a good note, a couple of them to be exact

This one was on the fridge - compliments of Richard (7)

This one was on the mirror in the bathroom - compliments of Rachael (14)

I got to listen to Rhiannon (13) play the Doxology in Church as part of her Confirmation Class requirements.  Each student was required to participate in the service in some way. Other classmates were ushers, readers or greeters.


Richard (7) and Rebecca (4) planted flowers in cute little pots in Sunday School. Robert (12) and his class decorated cup cakes in ice cream cones.  Sorry no picture of that gift, it didn't last long enough, but it sure tasted good. 

After church, Brad and the kids took my mother and I out for lunch.

Later I got all kinds of gifts and cards from the kids and Brad and we rounded out the day with a chocolate cheese cake - made by Rhiannon.  It was delicious.

It was a great day.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Tuesday, April 2nd

Wednesday, April 3rd

Thursday, April 4th 

Friday, April 5th

Saturday, April 6th

Sunday, April 7th
250) Sacred Dancers at church were great

Tuesday, April 9th
251) We were able to get the stray dog before a car hit it
252) We found the stray dog's owner

Wednesday, April 10th

Thursday, April 11th
253) The tractor started and we were able to help a neighbor

Friday, April 12th
254) Even though we have a winter weather watch, Spring is almost here

Saturday, April 13th
255) Today is Saturday

Sunday, April 14th

Monday, April 15th

Tuesday, April 16th
256) Church pictures went well, photographer went above and beyond

Wednesday, April 17th
257) Farrier was able to trim the goats' feet too
258) Beautiful spring weather

Thursday, April 18th

Friday, April 19th
259) Beautiful day, windy but warm
260) Goats

Looks like I haven't been very thankful lately doesn't it?  I have, I just don't stop to write it down.  I am thankful in all things.  I need to slow down and be purposely thankful.  Write it down.  Make it real.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Sunday, March 3rd
222) It is Sunday evening
223) The whole family together in the living room

Monday, March 4th
224) Quiet time with my computer

Tuesday, March 5th
225) The weather report - warmer weather is on its way

Wednesday, March 6th
226) The sound of water dripping
227) The mud that the dripping water is making
228) It's 42 degrees
229) Spring is surely right around the corner
230) Chores are done and the kitchen is closed

Thursday, March 7th
231) Middle son turned 12 and Middle daughter turned 13 today
232) Dinner was a success - new recipe
233) Presents were a hit

Friday, March 8th
234) Cats who double as an alarm clock

Saturday, March 9th
235) It is Saturday
236) Weather looks promising
237) People who are willing to deliver hay
238) Beautiful day
239) Was able to put all the goats out including the doelings

Sunday, March 10th
240) Lovely warm day
241) Some of the kids are feeling better
242) It seems to be a 72 hour bug for the most part

Monday, March 11th

Tuesday, March 12th

Wednesday, March 13th
243) Most of the kids are better
244) I didn't it as bad as the kids did

Thursday, March 14th
245) 34 years ago my first child, my oldest son was born

Friday, March 15th
246) It's cold but it's sunny

Saturday, March 16th
247) The sound of chick-a-dees in the early morning sun
248) The sounds of goats happily munching hay

Sunday, March 17th

Monday, March 18th

Tuesday, March 19th
249) We did not get as much snow as predicted

Wednesday, March 20th
250) Goat stalls are clean

Thursday, March, 21st
251) Watching oldest daughter's dress rehearsal

Friday, March 22nd
242) Skating show was a success
243) Skating season is over for this year

Saturday, March 23th

Sunday, March 24th

Monday, March 25th

Tuesday, March 26th
244) Spring like weather today
245) We are all healthy

Wednesday, March 27th

Thursday, March 28th

Friday, March 29th
246) It's Friday

Saturday, March 30th

Sunday, March 31st
247) It is Easter - need I say more

Monday, April 1st
248) Had a lovely day with my mother yesterday
249) Great vet check, all animals look good, spring vaccines

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Smile Says It All

Road trip was the theme for the Figure Skating Show this year.  Rachael's group skated to Route 66 and a Mardi Gras theme.  It was a fun night and was the culmination of this skating season.

Rachael has progressed through all the badge testing and will advance to the juniors next year. 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

You Know You're A Farmer When....

  • You get more excited over a new pair of leather work gloves then you do new shoes
  • Tractor Supply is your favorite store
  • You are on a first name basis with the folks at the feed store
  • You notice an egg truck pulling into the parking lot as you drive pass the grocery store.  You point it out, and your youngest son can not understand why they would need to take eggs to the grocery store.  You try to explain that some people buy their eggs at the grocery store.  He just shakes his head in disbelief. In his world eggs come from chickens, the ones in your own back yard. 
  • You are waiting for your cow to church a young friend comes up and asks if the calf had been born yet.  Your middle daughter says no, but we have mucus.  The friend nods and understands - she's a farmer's kid too.
  • You sprain your hand and think - well at least it's not my best milking hand - got this one from a friend
  • The power goes out and you worry most about the new kids in the barn being without their heat lamp
  • When the snow storm hits your first thought is, thank goodness we got hay yesterday
  • You pull your cell phone out and it's full of hay, and you're not in the barn
  • You think to yourself goat manure is a lot nicer than cow manure, but horse is really the best
  • Your kids say, well everybody's manure looks healthy - got this from a friend
  • You say to your kids - as you are on the way to the car, don't step in the chicken manure with your church shoes on.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Two Golds And A Bronze

The Smile Says It All!

Rachael participated in a figure skating competition tonight.  She was in 3 events. The high point for her was winning a gold medal for the solo routine she had worked on all year. 

Skating lessons, 2 nights a week rushing supper and then sitting in a cold arena, a private coach. Her smile was worth it all.